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Our Guiding Principles  

  • We will put our patients first.  System and workflow design and implementation will be undertaken with patient safety, service excellence, and the highest quality of care. 
  • We are all accountable for our success. Implementation will be jointly owned and driven by clinical and operational leaders for content development and workflow changes and Information Technology for system build and implementation. Focus and resources will be shifted from support and enhancement of current systems to the design and build of Epic.
  • We will work together to standardize workflow and content.  Standardized workflows will be sought, and change management tools and necessary resources assigned to effectively manage and adopt change. Standard design will optimize Enterprise-wide objectives versus individual unit or department objectives.
  • We will adopt the Model System.  Generally available Epic software and model content will be implemented with very limited configuration unless there is a significant clinical, regulatory or business case to do so.

To request more information or ask questions go to:   projectepic@ynhh.org