Project Decisions

Epic Interface to foreign PM systems
Will we interface Epic EMR to non-Epic PM systems in the community?
We will NOT create extensive interfaces to non-epic PM systems.
We will provide standard HL7 output only.
We will strongly recommend use of Epic PB, cadence and prelude
Communication from Epic Implementation Team
How will communication from the Epic team be routed to hospital and university staffs?
Communication will be directly from the Epic Project Director (LStump) to the hospital and university management staffs with cc: to Daniel, Steve, COOs, CMOs, CMIOs, and Epic Cabinet
End-User Training and Competency
Will training and competency be mandatory for all users as a condition of system access/use?
Yes.  End user proficiency is a crtical success factor and Good Install Criteria include 80% accomplishment.
All end users shall attend recommended training AND demonstrate competency in order to obtain a sign-on code and password.
In scope-
Community physicians
Employed physicians
Affiliated physicians
All other clinical and operational staff accessing Epic
Nursing Clinical Content:  Plan of Care
What will be the source of nursing clinical content for plan of care:
  • Native build
  • Epic Model Sys + native build
  • CPM third-party
  • Zynx third-party
CPM third-party
Facility Structure
High level facility structure related to grouping of organizations within service areas in the Epic Facility Structure
community pxs in each subsequent SA
Additional work needed on location levels within the SAs.  See subsequent decisions.
Formulary Standardization
Develop common formulary for YNHHS hospitals
Cabinet approved the move forward with convening CMOs, DOPs, and P&T chairs to develop plan and timeline.
Interface to commercial labs
Inbound and outbound interfaces to the commercial labs, Quest and Labcorp pose certain risks to the ambulatory lab volume at our hospitals. Pros and Cons were considered: Pros: makes for attractive and honest offering to the community practices enables safest, most efficient workflow for external requests default to hospital labs preserves appropriate volume and eases workflow can add required data field when outside lab chosen to learn of reasons for commercial choice Cons: considered "too easy" for physicians to direct their business elsewhere
Considering all factors, we determined to move ahead with inbound and outbound interfaces to Quest and LabCorp L Stump to engage vendors in contract discussion. Update 3/7: meeting with Quest on 3/9
Beacon Go-Live
EpicCare Ambulatory and Beacon timing in Community offices.
Please see the attached decision tree for the decision.